1. Bird_Lover_17

    Looking into horses

    Hi. I am looking into horses. I have a thread like this on BYC. Other than spending months learning hands-on with horses, I'm wondering what you peeps on BYH have as advice. Thanks! :celebrate
  2. TaylorBug

    Teaching a horse to ground-tie

    Hi all. I have a 20-year old gelding and since I'm not currently working or in school I decided I would work with him and teach him some new tricks. I wanted to teach him to ground tie, because I believe it would be beneficial for his attitude when handling him and would be a nice skill to have...
  3. A

    New to horses, New job!

    Hi all, I just got a job mucking out stables in exchange for riding/horsemanship lessons. I lived in the city up until about 3 years ago, so although I have EXTENSIVE experience training and working with dogs, cats, and rabbits, ( I worked as a trainer in an animal shelter), I have zero...