1. N

    New small barn- ventilation and flooring help?

    Hi folks! 3 months behind schedule, but my framers have finally started on my barn, and I have some questions about ventilation, floor substrate and etc. I have 2 bred Toggenburg does arriving in a few weeks (kidding in February), and will grow into a small herd of goats and maybe also a few...
  2. K

    Lambing Shelter?

    I rescued five dorper sheep last month. Two rams and three pregnant females (two of them VERY PG). We quarantined them for two weeks per the advice of out vet. They are ready to go out back to the back 7 acres but should I keep the females in a smaller, separate shelter until after birthing? We...
  3. CrockpotGodess

    North Eastern setups

    Building barn/shed for 2 mini goats next weekend. Cannot seem to make my mind up on the set up. Keep bumping back and forth between one idea and other. I have the fencing under control. But just really can not decide on housing. There is a multitude of info out there but everyone seems to live...
  4. G

    Same questions different person

    Hello, Another newbie here with pretty much the same questions. I am in Northeast MS. Around Tupelo. I am thinking I may want to get into goat farming. Now I don't know what kind of goat farming, I would really like to converse with someone from around my area and tell me what and how to farm...
  5. G

    Hello From Northeast Mississippi

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie from Tupelo MS. Area. I have to say this is a wonderful group y'all have here, lots of expertise and knowledge. For the past 10 years I have heard many times about a meat goat shortage. I guess I am asking if this is are was true? I am a disabled senior that has...
  6. Finge

    Advice for fencing and Shelter for goats

    So, I'm lookin' for advice before I even start building anything from more experienced goat owners. I am planning on getting Nigerian dwarf goats, and I'm stumped on what to do about shelter. This year, so far, this year has been pretty hot and only started to get cold around Thanksgiving, and...