1. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Rex breeders going to October Reno show?

    Are there any Rex breeders going to the show in Reno NV in October 2019? Not mini, the full size. I just started with Rex this year and I am looking to get another doe and possibly another buck to expand my herd. I have a pedigreed castor doe and REW buck. Any advice is also welcome, thanks!
  2. Feo

    Goat under 29 inches. Can I show?

    Hey i just got a Nubian... a year and a half old... and I was wondering if she has to be 29 inches to show? She is currently an inch or two short. If not, can she be show as a mini? Thanks
  3. Marie28

    Silver Fox Rabbits N. Wisconsin

    Havent been on here much due to my job but I thought I would post our new litter. We have 2 Bucks & 4 Does. Birthdate: 12/06/17 All with pedigree.
  4. Green Acres Farm

    The costs of showing

    I called my vet to see what the price of getting health certificates would be on two goats for a show I was planning on attending. The cost was $105 for 2! Is that typical? Of course, that is not the whole cost of showing with entry fees, gas, etc. so I was disappointed. I didn't realize...
  5. K

    Hello from Northern Michigan

    I'm just here trying to get connections regarding showing rabbits as I am interested in a new hobby. Im looking for jersey woolies to show or any small sized rabbits. Any input on this hobby is welcome.
  6. Kirsten miller

    Conditioning and keeping weight on lionhead show rabbits

    Hi y'all! So I've been raising rabbits for 15 years (minirex) and they were so easy to care for I have unlimited hay and pretty much food and everything was great I never had any issues. This year I decided to start raising lionheads and oh boy I'm going through trouble! I have 3 juniors and a...
  7. promiseacres

    Selling bunnies

    I am raising velveteen lop rabbits. Many breed groups are cracking down on selling/reserving bunnies less than 8 weeks. I know there's some states with laws against selling at a younger age, not Indiana though. But my does are ready to have those babies weaned by 6, 7 weeks. So I usually pull...
  8. KatandCrowley

    How do you clip a dairy wether for fair?

    I am showing a dairy wether at Fair this year but am unsure how to clip him. Is it like market and meat goat wethers? This is my first time showing goats and I can't find anything on how to clip a wether for dairy classes. Thanks!
  9. Poka_Doodle

    National Western Stock Show

    Although I won't be there for a bit the actual show has started. Last night the first sunset of the show was beautifuland so was tonight. That is a hopeful example of the days to come. Message me if you are going, I will have some of my chickens there. Although, the odd thing for me is coming...