sick piglet

  1. LindyAcres

    Piglet with slight congestion and Dewormer Plan

    Hello, We are new to pigs and brought home two yesterday. A 6 month old female and 2 month old male kunekune. The little 2 month old sounds slightly congested. Eating and drinking normally and seems energetic. I have a call in to our vet but hoped I could tap your amazing collective...
  2. N

    pig has diahrrea and is walking in circles

    hi guys, im fairly new on here. i was womdering if you guys can help me.. i have a 4 month old pig that has diahrrea and is walking in circles his head is tilted toward the left.. im not sure whats wrong with him hes not eating..
  3. A

    help! sick mini piglet!

    One of my mini piglets are sick! All 5 of them were abandoned by mom 3 says after birth so we took them inside to care for them. They are a week and a day old. Up until 2 says ago she was doing great just like her brother and 3 sisters. Now she mopes around and barely eats... Could it be...