silver fox rabbits

  1. M

    Hello from Northwest Arkansas!

    I recently started raising Silver Fox rabbits. They will mostly be meat rabbits but are pedigreed should I choose to sell any. I’m very curious about the genetics involved in the coloring. I’m especially seeking information about broken or tort Silver Foxes. Thanks in advance for any info y’all...
  2. Marie28

    Kinda worried...

    So two of our three bred Silver fox does gave birth today! Our doe Ruby had 2 DOAs One was very large and kinda bloated the other one looked like she pulled it out (streched out with a hole in its belly area). She currently has 4 healthy but unfed kits in the beautiful nest she built. She has...
  3. Tale of Tails Rabbitry

    Thick almost angora-like fur on Blue Silver Fox?

    Hi, I am going to share a little background so ya'll do not think I am a total newbie to rabbits, just new to these forums. I have been raising NZW and SF for about seven years mostly for meat. Last year we only bred once because of family issues and our brood rabbits ate and aged. In starting...
  4. Spokeless Wheel

    Spokeless Wheel

    Hello everyone I'm Rose of the Spokeless Wheel, I raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Flemish Giant and Silver Fox Rabbits. I'm a little lost at how to navigate this site so please bare with me.