silver fox

  1. Carla D

    Wanted in west central Wisc. Rabbits and goats

    GOATS: Im looking for some nice and young Alpine Goats, 3-4 does and one buck. The younger the better. I would also love to find some Nubian goats. But, I think I’m dreaming. I’m willing to pay for them. But not $200-300 per doe and not a lot for my buck either. Doesn’t need to be registered...
  2. MatthewsHomestead

    Any idea?....

    Does anyone have any ideas what this big guy may be mixed with? He supposedly is part Lionhead. I thought maybe some Silver Fox because of the color on his toes and bc he is a good size for a dual purpose bunny. I've only raised Californian and New Zealand so I'm new and clueless to other...
  3. Marie28

    Silver Fox Rabbits N. Wisconsin

    Havent been on here much due to my job but I thought I would post our new litter. We have 2 Bucks & 4 Does. Birthdate: 12/06/17 All with pedigree.
  4. Tale of Tails Rabbitry

    Thick almost angora-like fur on Blue Silver Fox?

    Hi, I am going to share a little background so ya'll do not think I am a total newbie to rabbits, just new to these forums. I have been raising NZW and SF for about seven years mostly for meat. Last year we only bred once because of family issues and our brood rabbits ate and aged. In starting...
  5. Marie28

    Black silver fox rabbits bucks & does Northern WI w/pictures

    We have four black silver foxes for sale (born 7/8/17). As of now I believe we have two does and two bucks. I will post pictures soon. They are $40 each with pedigree. They have great personalities and have had a lot of human contact.
  6. Marie28

    Black Silver Fox Rabbit Doe (n. WI)

    We have a black Silver Fox doe for sale. She is 9 weeks 2 days (as of May 16). She is in great health and growing fast. We are asking for $30 or open to trade offers. Feel free to ask questions, more pictures can be added.
  7. Marie28

    Is this good enough (pedigree)

    So i have a almost 7 weeks old (born march 12) black silver fox doe. We bought what we though was 2 does, turned out one was a buck. They where last together around end of January (not sure of the actual date). But our doe ruby had an accidental "meeting" with our blue silver fox on Feb. 6th...
  8. Marie28

    Moving mom and week old kit

    Our silver fox doe Ruby had a one live kit. She is feeding it and its growing great. The problem is that she can't stay in her current cage (inside the house), its too small. We have an out door hutch made and ready for her. We will also have to change the nesting box (cardboard) because its not...
  9. Marie28

    *new question* Is this a common thing?

    Next weekend we plan on picking up a blue silver fox (about 9 weeks old). When I was first talking to her about 8 weeks ago she sent this message "I have had snuffles in my barn and I am currently breeding only the rabbits that have shown a resistance to it. I would never sell a rabbit that was...
  10. M

    Indoor vs outdoor rabbitry

    I would like to start a smallscale rabbitry for our homestead. We live in central PA. I'd like to start with 6 rabbits. 3 standard rexes (2 does and a buck) and 3 silver foxes (2 does and a buck). Originally I thought I could keep them indoors. I have a small room in my basement. I had planned...
  11. Marie28

    *update video pg 7* Newfreewill Rabbit Adventure

    Decided I should keep a journal or our adventure :] We have just started our rabbit. We have 3 Silver Foxes. 1 Doe (Ruby) and 2 Bucks (Topaz & Onyx). We where told Onyx was a boy and he was kept with his sister until we noticed some aggression. He was not very willing to let us look at his...
  12. Marie28

    Breeding half uncle

    We just bought 3 silver fox rabbits (2 does 1 buck) to breed for meat and to sell. Turns out one of our does is actually a buck. He is a 1/2 brother of our doe. The question is if we keep a doe from her litter with the unrelated buck is it a good idea to breed them? We are worried about selling...