tattoo pens

  1. Tale of Tails Rabbitry

    Anyone using tattoo pens?

    I am trying to decide which tattoo pen to buy and would appreciate any feedback on your favorite one. I also would love to hear advice on ink color and fading. Thanks! I also appreciate that there is the clamp style and it may work well for you, but I am not a fan and would rather use a pen.
  2. Ferguson K

    Let's talk tattoo guns

    I'm not positive but I'm fairly certain this is the a and style I lost in my moving around these last few years. I'm at a point now that I need another one. Tell me which guns do y'all use? Preferences for...
  3. Becca'sBunnyBarn

    Tattoo Pens, What Brand Is Best?

    As my rabbitry expands, I'm looking in to purchasing a tattoo pen. Just wanted to know some of your thoughts on the subject. What brand do you suggest? What works for you and why? Also I'm looking for an affordable Pedigree computer program, one that I can not only do pedigrees, but also one...