1. M

    Goat balls on the small side??

    Hi all! Long time page lurker, first time member/poster! 😂 Thoughts on this 9 month old buckling? His testicles are almost non-existent. I reached out to the breeder for help, as this is my first time breeding, and shared a picture of one of hers about the same age. My guy doesn’t even...
  2. CapraCurry

    Warts on bucks scrotum?

    I recently had our buck Casanova on the stand to draw blood for his first CAE/Johnes test and I noticed when taking a gander at his testicles (talk about scrotal circumference) that he's got some warts at the bottom of his scrotum? The area is also bald. He's still in rut so I thought it may...