1. AronstafFarm

    Hind Legs Weak

    we have an otherwise totally normal 6 week old St Croix ewe lamb who, in the last few days, has been wobbly, and yesterday can not use her hind legs much at all. She was not at all a low performer of the year's crop. Front legs seem pretty unaffected. Generally she looks fine, she seems...
  2. tailsticks

    Tick treatment for pigs with babies

    I have three hand raised adult wild pigs (here in Hawaii) and now two (five day old) babies. For the first time I have noticed ticks on the both the adults and the now the babies. The only tick here in Hawaii is the brown (dog) tick. I wanted a recommendation for treating the pigs -...
  3. MiniBarnFarm


    I've had sheep for a year, 4 Katahdin's (3 ewes, 1 wether), and today is the first time I noticed a tick on one of my ewe's right under her jaw. She let me take the tick off, it appears to have been a "dog" tick, but now it's been a couple hours and she still has a marble size lump. I squeezed...
  4. Toby Baillon

    Hello from Tenerife, Canary Islands - I'm new to goats

    Having always wanted a Goat as a pet I finally have time and space to have one. I got her from a local goatherd at 2 weeks after her mother rejected her and bottle fed her until she was just short of 4 months. Now she eats cereals and pasture. I have just managed to obtain a mineral block for...