1. oldfarmcollies

    English Shepherd Puppies Looking for Their New Homes *Transport Available*

    *Transport Coming to Fort Worth, TX 11/27* IN and St. Louis, MO Transport upcoming as well* These are the current planned trips, but other state transport options also available* We raise English Shepherds here on our Ranch in the Missouri Ozarks, as well as heritage breeds of Sheep, goats...
  2. EmilyClick28

    Is it safe to transport rabbits in car trunk?

    There is a rabbit show coming up this Saturday, and I'm bringing 8 rabbits. The show is only about 45 mins away, so it will be a short drive. Unfortunately I have a fairly small car and won't be able to fit all the travel cages in the back/passenger seats, so I'm going to need to put some of...
  3. SheepGirl

    Transporting livestock

    Found this excellent Web site for animal health requirements going from state to state based on species, thought I would share...