1. Demigoddess

    Are these meds still good?

    So I have some CDT vaccine left over from when I did shots this time last year. The expiration date says September 2021, but I did used it and it's been chillin' in the fridge for a year now, is it still good? I know it's not expensive so if it's potentially less potent, I'm happy to get the...
  2. Angeliki Manouselis

    CD-T Injection Site Abscess

    All 5 of my goats got their CD-T vaccines done almost 3 weeks ago. No reactions, everyone has been acting normal. I am still new to goats and this was my first time with injections so I had my friend who is a vet tech do them SQ while I held my goats and watched. She decided to do all right...
  3. Ferguson K

    Tell me your vaccine schedule

    I am curious about the different schedules based on different areas of the country. For example: Someone up north would be more apt to giving a pneumonia shot than someone in the south, where as someone in the south would be more apt to worry about worm load. Tell me, what do you vaccinate for...
  4. Green Acres Farm

    What is your goat vaccine schedule?

    Currently, the only vaccine I am giving my herd is CDT and I am looking into the pneumonia vaccine and possibly rabies. I am interested in what other people are doing - why, age you give it, and how far apart you space it from other vaccines. If you are giving a live vaccine, please specify why...
  5. North Coast Chick

    Vaccinations Protocols?

    I'm researching which vaccinations and when to give to cattle, hoping to get a couple of my own next year. The forum here has been helpful, but I'd like to ask specifically what vaccinations do you give your cows and calves? Farmers here in Northern Wisconsin have recommended UltraBac 10 and...