1. 2

    Weaning 13 week old wether

  2. C

    How to wean and prevent mastitis?

    So, we attempted to separate our ram-lambs recently but it didn't work for two reasons. First, they kept escaping through the electric fence. That we could probably fix. However, we also noticed that ewes' udders were staying pretty full and were concerned about mastitis becoming a problem...
  3. Mrs.Gray1211

    When to wean?

    Hey y’all! Had our first live birth lamb Oct 12. Mom and baby have been doing great! My question is, it seems Mama doesn’t want baby drinking from her any longer. She won’t allow her to. Baby is nibbling hay and alfalfa and eating some grain. Since it seems she has weaned herself, is this okay...
  4. shepherdO

    Creep feed for bottle lambs 2019

    Hi all, So I have at least one bottle lamb who's currently 11 days old and doing very well on the bottle using homemade milk replacer. I'd like to get her eating something else so she can eventually be weaned earlier than normal. It's currently a few degrees below zero here during the day...
  5. MargaretClare

    Cow Body Condition at Weaning?

    I realize this question could depend on breed but in beef cattle, when weaning calves at 7 months what body condition is the cow expected to be in. Even if the cow was rebred when calf was 3 months? I'm not very used to cattle and it sounds like they'll be skinny after all that, and I just want...
  6. MargaretClare

    Weaning kids off doe, tips?

    So this is my first time weaning kids off the does. Last year I only had one bred doe and let her keep one kid to wean herself but I'm not planning on keeping any kids this year. I know how to milk but I don't milk, especially as a routine (I keep meat goats but my does have Nubian in them), so...
  7. K

    How and when to start weaning lambs

    We have two lambs we are bottle feeding. One is 4 weeks the other is almost 6 weeks. They drink water out of a bucket and nibble at grass but they still really like their bottles. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  8. kat the farmer

    Doe died and kits are only 3 weeks

    My beautiful doe just died of heat stroke and her kits are only 4 weeks old. There are five of them and i am not sure what to do since there is very little info online. Is it necessary to provide a milk supplement or will they be ok on pellets, grass clippings and hay?? Please inform me what has...