1. Dwarfgoatnoob

    Osiris the buckling

    I own one buckling 9 months (took him from a friend before I knew much about goats) old and am supposed to be getting two more wethers very soon. I was told I can’t have them together because of testosterone problems but can somebody go into more detail about that please? I can seperate them if...
  2. Old Hawkins Farm

    What to Name my Nigerian Wether

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a Cream-colored, 4 month old nigerian dwarf wether. Please help me name him! I am looking for something short and sweet, for a shy, loving goat. Thanks!
  3. MiniBarnFarm


    I already have 1 wether, he's my not so little baby boy, and also have 3 ewe's - in a couple of days I have the chance to look through a friends herd of newly weaned lambs I really want another boy, I find them more friendly I just can't help but worry about the first wether's thoughts on having...
  4. Prairie Fleur

    KS - Nigerian Dwarf kids

    3 wethers or unregistered buck kids available. $50 each as wethers, $100 for intact herdsire prospects. Out of registered stock, excellent milking bloodlines. 1 mini Nubian doeling. Dam is producing approximately 3/4 gal/day. Sire is Dills Mister Missunderstood *B. Not registrable. $300 1...
  5. Grumblebeast

    Will wethering calm an adult ram?

    Short Question: Will wethering calm an adult ram? Long Story: We have a ram, Ollie, who’s about a year old now. He was a bottle baby and our first sheep. In spite of our best efforts we made mistakes in handling him while he was a wee thing. He was sort of raised as if he were a hybrid between...
  6. M

    Buck healing after castration?

    Hey everyone! We had our two newest boys wethered at the vet on the 5th. The vet cut them and left them open, everything was great. Both boys are acting chipper as can be, great appetites. One boy looks "closed", like the incision has healed. The other, slightly larger boy, has what looks...
  7. KatandCrowley

    Coughing goat

    I have a 2 year old wether that I just bought a few months ago. He coughs occasionally maybe a few times a day. It is most noticeable before he goes to sleep at night, after he has eaten hay and some grain. My other goats do not cough at all. I'm pretty new to owning goats and I just want to...