1. B

    Snow bunnies

    Looking for tips on raising snow bunnies. A little bit of background, I have bred rabbits for meat, wool, and show for almost 32 years now. I have a great system for raising rabbits in the middle of central Texas, but one thing we rarely encounter is a hard winter or snow. I'm used to keeping...
  2. shepherdO

    Shearing before Lambing - How close can you go?

    So my 8 ewes are due starting the 24th, and every few days thereafter for about 3 weeks. I've pondered having them shorn prior to lambing, but we were hit with a cold spell (-20 Celsius and some wind) about 3 weeks ago, so that answered the question for me. However, it's beginning to let up...
  3. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Lambing in Inclement Weather

    We got our flock of Barbados Blackbellies of 6 in early August and our girls must have already been pregnant, because I found a nice pair of surprises when I went out to them today: one of my ewes had twins! The gentleman we got them from said the two ewes were likely pregnant when we got them...
  4. Carla D

    How do you deal with frozen water?

    we have several different types of animals on our farm. We struggled with frozen water last year by busting it up and carrying 5 gallon buckets of fresh new water. That’s very time consuming and a bit backbreaking. We have the rubber water dishes so they can be turned over stomped on or kicked...
  5. Pepperjack'smom

    Winter weather making my Bucks depressed!?!?!??!

    I have 1 wither and 1 buck. It has been raining a LOT and it is very cold lastly and my goats are acting depressed. When we try to say hi to them one of them he just runs away. When we look out the window at the they just stand there and act really sad. Could the weather be making them depressed...
  6. Tamara

    What to do about muddy areas!

    I’ve been battling the excess mud for years. I finally found a solution using mudstopper but they are discontinuing it! Looking for cheap, quick solutions. Single mom sheep herder.
  7. BlessedWithGoats

    Prepping for Winter

    Hello Everyone! Winter is fast approaching. Some of you may remember the hard times I went through last winter, with liverflukes and pneumonia through the goat herd. I want to prepare as much as possible, and prevent these issues from happening again. So, does anyone have any specific things...
  8. Arrakis

    Rabbits - Do I use plastic water bottles or crocks in the winter?

    Good morning, This is my first winter with rabbits and I was wondering what everyone uses to water. Now that winter has arrived I'm changing out the plastic water bottles several times a day. In most cases, not much ice in the bottle, but the metal spout freezes up fast. Will using ceramic...