1. Childwanderer

    Fiber Artists Near Houston? I have some brown alpaca fiber and several scoured fleeces worth of GCN sheep wool I need spun!

    Hello! I love knitting, felting, and dyeing, but I need lessons in spinning before I can make yarn that satisfies myself. Spring/shearing season is right around the corner, and I would like to get this fiber processed before I get any more wool in! I would like to take lessons in spinning, hire...
  2. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Fiber Adventures

    I now have a spinning wheel!!! I received this Ashford Traditional spinning wheel and chair as a wedding present and am anxiously awaiting some replacement parts in the mail so I can try the spinning wheel out. This thread is going to document fixing the wheel and learning how to spin on her.
  3. Childwanderer

    TX - Gulf Coast Ram (no longer available)

    TX, near Houston. GCN intact ram born 1/31/2019 available for sale. Twin, polled, sired by a registered ram, pictured beside him below. This sweetheart (we call him Chesterton) loves chin-scratchings. His father is a good-tempered registered GCN who peaceably stays with the ewes year-round...
  4. Childwanderer

    What Can Be Done with Gulf Coast Native Sheep Wool

    Happy New Year! I had three Gulf Coast Native Sheep sheared last year, and am still processing the wool. :oops: I am using Kookaburra Woolscour, Valkyrie brand Extra Fine combs, Ashford hand cards, and a drop spindle. It works, but I don't know enough about wool to sort the parts of the fleece...
  5. AJ S.

    Gotland Meat & Wool!

    I have recently decided after 2 years of reaserch to get 3 Gotlands (a whether and 2 ewes). I am mainly going to be selling the wool but wanted to know if the meat is any good? Also I am wondering how much to sell the wool for per pound? Thank you.