1. L

    Wound care for my lgd

    I need some advice on how to heal a wound that my Great Pyr has on her nose. It's from scratching at flies that sit on the end of her nose, which opens up the skin, which causes more flies to sit there, so she scratches more. It's a vicious cycle. The same thing happened last year. The vet gave...
  2. Angeliki Manouselis

    CD-T Injection Site Abscess

    All 5 of my goats got their CD-T vaccines done almost 3 weeks ago. No reactions, everyone has been acting normal. I am still new to goats and this was my first time with injections so I had my friend who is a vet tech do them SQ while I held my goats and watched. She decided to do all right...
  3. B

    Skin ulcer cause?

    Hi, I'm a new goat owner (almost 2 years). This lesion appeared on one of my Oberhasli does about 10 days ago. At first, I thought it was an abrasion, but it appears to be spreading. Does anyone know what it is and how it's treated? How panicked should I be? Likely not relevant, but she is...