12V DC tank deicer/ water heater?


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Sep 17, 2021
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Watertown, NY
So I rather put the cart before the horse with my winter water tank (300+ gall tank, already filled and nearly wrapped in insulation.) I knew I needed *something* to do a bit of heating now and then, especially come January... but january is 2 months away so I didn't really put any thought into it.

Well, I've decided on AGM deep cycle batteries and 12v LED lights for the winter, and charging them in the house. I need the batteries anyways for mobile electric netting next year. 2 birds, one stone. And if they're still good if/when I get solar panels.. even better.

BUT I can't seem to find a 12v heater that is fully submersible.., and the tank is already full. No way I can drill a hole and mount the ones that screw in from the side. Has anyone else seen a 12v option that's the same as most stock tank deicers, able to just throw it in the top? I know I can't run it 24/7, but my barn is so well insulated... it really shouldn't need it. I can turn it on while I feed each AM, then bring the battery in to charge. And I am nearly certain that should be enough. (I honestly think such a big amount of water might be OK with nothing with the R49 I'm wrapping it in) Also, I really don't want to buy an inverter just for the heater. It's $$ and wastes battery charge.

Thoughts? Ideas I might've missed?