4H goat showing question

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May 5, 2020
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Hi ya'll I am in 4H and I show in the Placerville County Fair Grounds every June 18-20th. And this is my 2nd year in 4H but my 1st year showing. I will be showing goats again next year and have a few questions about one goat class. I will be showing a Nigerian Dwarf doeling(I know how to do that), 1-2 market goats(I know how to do that), and a boer doe breeding class(this is what I need help with) how do you show this class? My doe will be a 1.5 years old next year and she will be breed next year as well. How do you show that breeding class? And she has horns is that ok as well? How about registration? Does she need to be registered to show in that class? How should I start training? How should I feed her? Should I run her to get muscle or no? I need help with this! Thanks in advance! Please share and add more people to this conversation!

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