Are My Llamas Pregnant!? Rescued Llamas


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Apr 22, 2018
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I rescued two female llamas and a male in May 2018. The farm they came from, the owner had died and he had been neglecting all his animals before his death. The couple who bought the place kept some of the female llamas and their babies and sold the male and these two females. I have no idea when our females had their babies or if they have had babies before.

We assumed they were pregnant because they won't let the male mate with them. We have had them since May and they have gone from being completely unsure of humans to coming when they're called. When we got them they had never been fed treats before in their life, we had to teach them what grain was and they now love it! They are also big fans of apples. Anyways that is neither here nor there lol I am just proud of my llamas.

We have no idea when they were bred or if they are indeed pregnant but the females have never let the male breed them. They spit on him if he gets too close. We are worried they will give birth in the middle of winter but have no way to find out, we can't get them penned up to ultrasound them. We haven't got them trained to halter and honestly not sure if we can. They will come to us for treats and such but if we go to touch them they start to move away.

I know they are pregnant for nearly a year so technically they have another three months before they pop (if they were bred before we got them in May).