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Oct 7, 2018
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North central florida
Miss Barb,

I have just now caught up on your journal after being off the forum for 5 months!

I don't if it is true or not, but I have heard that there is a Chinese curse which says, "May you live in interesting times!" You have certainly lived in interesting times since mid-January! First, your neighbor had all of those farm animals which you had to deal with. Like the miracle worker that you are, you came through and got all of that taken care of.

Second, you shared all of the heart warming stories of the people you are helping by placing the service animals with those with special needs. Those stories caused a big lump in my throat for all the good that you do. :bow

Then, you started having trouble due to a weed infecting your thumb, which has now led to all of the pain issues, and now surgery issues. Bless your heart! Yet you have kept your wicked sense of humor! I am in awe.

Senile Texas Aggie

ETA: Belated happy birthday!

STA my friend, you were missed here,... us ole farts can't disappear like that ...way to scary...
The dog journey continues, I have my two labradoodles and four AKC standard poodles as my best friends and working partners..." GOOD GOLLY MS MOLLIE" and "VINCENT DE MILO" , AKA Mollie and Milo, just had six beautiful standard poodle puppies on the 7th, five females and one male, most were already spoken for , and I have a lovely waiting list for my next breeding of labradoodles....but I am taking a break during the surgery time, this current litter is the end until I am back up and running full tilt boogie again 🙃