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Dec 17, 2019
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I see three door options for my planned metal barn (doors that the goats/pigs will use to access corrals): typical “garage door” lift-up, roll-up doors, and sliding doors. Here in Texas, we have tons of mud daubers and wasp nests everywhere, and they love to get into sliders/tracks, etc. No concerns for snow (heavy rains seasonally, barring drought). I plan to have a lean-to over all sides where these doors would be, and honestly, I’d expect the doors to be open the vast majority of the time for ventilation (multiple LGDs, so I don’t need to lock up against predators...knock on wood). Any experience with one type versus another for long-term durability or problems to expect? I don’t have a metal Dutch-door option (I’ve seen several people on BYH who like those). Thanks!
The best material to be used for door construction is soft material. Two of the most common varieties are white pine and cedar. Cedar is a much safer alternative to be used in warm climates and is more resistant to termite than pine.


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Jul 4, 2022
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A metal or wood door leaf is the simplest classification of a door structure. However, it requires high qualifications. It is possible to make it yourself if only you have the appropriate skills and experience. Therefore, you need to contact qualified specialists first. I finished the renovation of my private house last month. It took me about 3 or 4 months to fully complete it. I chose a metal door for the shed and white interior doors for the rooms. Btw, you can use styrofoam if it is important for you to keep an acceptable temperature in the household unit in winter.
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