Baymule’s Fence


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Aug 27, 2022
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Southern CA
A neighbor, Chase, came over last week and we looked at the pine logs laying on the ground. Little sawdust piles gave away the insects that were already burrowed into the logs, no mill would take them now. We lamented the waste. A few days later, he came up with an idea, make raised garden beds! Yes! Then the logs won’t be a total waste.

Chase used his two days off, Wednesday and Thursday to come help me out this week. He dragged out the logs, having to limb and top several. Using 2 logs for runners, he stacked the other logs on them.

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The reason the logs are stacked up instead of making raised beds, is because I need to focus all my energy on fence. If we made the raised beds, I’d feel like I needed to develop them into a garden, and I can’t divide my time and energy. Maybe this fall or winter.

With the logs out of the way, Chase cut a few more trees that were in the fence line.

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This one fell into the other trees and hung up.

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He pushed on it with his tractor.

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It was still hung up. He chained it to the tractor and backed up.

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It fell down.

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Raised beds! OMG fantastic way to use them and huge bonus the beds will look great too. Fence first, but get those beds in too.