Book : "Young Rider's Guide To Buying a Horse or Pony" by Leslie Ward


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May 23, 2009
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"Young Rider's Guide To Buying a Horse or Pony" by Leslie Ward. Full color paperback. 87 pages copyright 1996

This is a very nice book, that I bought for my daughter some years ago, for a youngster that wants a horse. It is a paperback with a least 1 picture on every page, all full color. The book is in new shape with No writing, folds, or creases. Actually she lost her first copy so we bought this as a replacement, which then, she seldom used because she already had advanced beyond the material presented; But She Had To Have It. This is not an In-Depth horse training Book. It presents some very good Pre-horse ownership information, as well as, some basic horse care. I know my daughter enjoyed it and she became rather good at "looking at horses" and asking questions before we finally found her gelding. This book would also be helpful to first time horse buyers/owners. My kids are all "too old to read this book", or they think they are, so this book just collects dust.
The book is a full color book, the picture doesn't do the cover justice. I think we paid $13-14 for it several years ago. I'd like to get $10 and I will include shipping to the continental US.

PM me with any questions......