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BYH Member Recognition Awards - Open for nominations!

Discussion in 'BackYardHerds - News, Information & Feedback' started by Sumi, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Jul 5, 2018

    Sumi True BYH Addict Administrator

    Sep 11, 2013
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    We are now accepting nominations from the Community for those individual Members that consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence in one or more of the following areas:

    1. BYH Educator: Educator.jpg This is a Staff awarded accolade. We have changed this award to reflect only the highest standards. Only those who adhere to the highest standards of knowledge and education will be considered for this award. Nominees must, among other points, have a verifiable reputation of providing information more than just "common knowledge," assist members in a positive and courteous manner, be open to feedback without getting defensive, and should maintain their good standing with little disciplinary action for rules violation.
    2. BYH Friend: Friend.jpg These individuals are just plain fun and great to have around! They are our favorite comedians and enablers; our most cluckative. They are always accessible to lend a cordial and helping hand. Their enthusiasm encourages us, their empathy comforts us.
    3. BYH Spirit: Spirit.jpg These individuals best demonstrate ALL-AROUND outstanding service and commitment to the BYC members and community. While maybe not expert educators, they are trusted Educators nonetheless, as well as Friends to all. They are dedicated to the BYH Community as a whole, and strive to help promote, support and uphold its values and goals.
    4. BYH Greeter: Greeter.jpg These individuals are our BYH "Welcome Wagon!" They are the members that are most active in welcoming the new members to our community, especially in the "New Member Introductions" forum. Nominees will be judged on a) How long they've been welcoming new members; b) How many new members they welcome; and c) The quality and friendliness of their welcome.
    5. BYH Master Herder: Master.jpg These individuals are the BYH community's core members. They are long standing members of the BYH community. They assist other members in any way that they can, be it animals or family these members are there. They strive to educate, promote, support and uphold the values and goals of the BYH community as a whole. They are trusted educators, dependable friends and valuable community members. These individuals have been assisting others for at least 3 years, have made a minimum of 3,000 posts, are currently active members and have received 200 plus likes from the community!

    If you know of a member (or two, or more) that you feel deserves recognition in one of the above categories, please send me a Private Message with their username, the award you are nominating them for and the reason you are nominating them. All nominations are and will remain private and confidential and will be considered by the Staff.
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