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Apr 14, 2021
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Today has been perfect. Gianna called in ML today. They have a 4 day weekend so let’s hope they can sort that out while the kids are gone.

I’m a bath while the kids nap, they aren’t huge criers unless Gianna puts Val down after snuggle time. Then she wails. Definitely a Mommy’s girl. I’ve been practicing cloth diapers on a baby doll with little success. Those little snap ones are much easier.

It is snowing super hard here and I hope we don’t get stuck. Just right around freezing temps tho so I don’t have to worry about the cow water.

Mom dropped of a pan of spaghetti earlier. That was kind of her.

Dogs are EXCITED. They aren’t allowed in the nursery or the bedroom. We made that clear. But they did get to smell them a little bit and it’s very cute. Rory keeps bringing toys to leave outside the door.

They like the bassinet! It’s safe, it swivels and they can smell each other. Very practical.

I ordered a twin baby carrier thing for my chest that should arrive in a weeks or so.

I can’t stop staring at them. Best day ever. More exciting things to come in the next few weeks!

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