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chickens really

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May 8, 2017
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The Funny Farm
Good morning everyone..:frow
It's been a successful breeding for Lucy . Meaning they have tied everyday so far. I am confident she is going to take. The last time she only was bred once and had 4 puppies. I am taking him back home this morning. 👍
The lady I bought Darling Darla from got out of Toy Poodles so got them all spayed and neutered before selling to pet homes. Darla is from registered parents and they were from Montreal, Canada. I'm going to be keeping a Poodle female out of Darlas litter if she has something I like. :fl
Sure has been hot here to the point of doing as little as possible outside. Still no hay feeders are built. :th
My friend asked if I wanted to take in barn kittens 😳🙈
I declined. My Cat would not accept other Cats here. She tolerates her freeloading buddy next door until she hangs a licken on him..:gig
Poor Hemi thought he could be friendly with Alley yesterday and of course Alley turned around and slapped him 3 times across the face.. :lol: