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chickens really

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May 8, 2017
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The Funny Farm
Goodness I think winter in Alberta is here. :tongue
The snow came and hasn't left yet. It's cold and crappy outside. :th
The wind blows and with the windchill it's darn cold. 😕
My youngest Son bought himself a Subaru Forester. It's pretty fancy with all the bells and whistles 👍🏼😊. This is his first vehicle that has payments to make. I'm very proud of him. He is a hard worker and deserves to have something to work for. ❤ He had a Caravan and drove that for two years. I know a lot of young people who wouldn't be caught dead driving a Caravan. Dylan didn't care, it was wheels and got him to work. 😊❤

Got Lucy's DNA results and yes Lucy is a Silky Terrier 👍🏼🐶
I advertised my puppies yesterday so hopefully I get deposits before they are ready to go home. The puppies are at the awkward stage where they can't really walk but are peeing on their own so the blanket gets wet and needs washing daily. They are barking and playing more daily. They respond to my voice and lick my fingers. Little tails wag too. 😊❤🐶