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Nov 28, 2017
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S Indiana
As most of y’all know, I’m having to decide which of my Nigerians to part with. I’m trying to set emotional attachments aside. I’ll give what pros and cons I have with each. It’ll take me some time to get pics of each. I’m going to post the dam and sire of the ones that we’ve raised.

I ask that you be blunt and literally give your opinion on each animal.

I’m currently at 21 Nigerians. I will be selling a senior buck, a yearling buck, and two bucklings. That will put me down to 17. My goal is to have mostly Lamanchas and Mini Lamanchas. I’ll also be freshening several Nigerians this fall.

The only exception to the emotional aspect is Nellie. She was my first milker. She lets my kids milk her. She can maintain an extended lactation. I milked her this morning at 17 days post freshening, with two kids still on her and no separation and got 1.75 cups of milk. I didn’t empty her completely but I was reminded at how easily she milks. Her udder is super soft and her orifices are huge. We won’t discuss her structural issues, lack of udder attachments, and flared teats. This is her 3F. She had a single buck for her breeder then gave me triplet does last year and quads (2B/2D) this year. I studied the doelings from this year last night and I’m going to watch how they grow. My youngest daughter can also crawl and lead her by her collar. She’s the lowest in the herd hierarchy.

Udder pics from this morning. No technical fill. (Her udder looks a bit rough from the nasty discharge from where she retained her placenta. We are trying to keep her clean and help it heal without further irritation.)