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Sep 14, 2016
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Wstrn Cent Florida
We are fine, but not real busy outside....we've had 4-5 days of on/off a extra pour or 2 on the sauna rocks added in......... :lol: ...I've been busy doing some research and we have been discussing our "plan B" strategy with so much uncertainty on so many different "fronts".....things have gone way past the virus "hoopla", so much so, that it isn't worth paying it much attention anymore....depending on how a few things pan out, we could be in for much more than anything that has been witnessed by anyone alive isn't just on the "political side" of things either....there is an increase of earthquakes and volcanos also....and there are strange things happening to the magnetic fields at both poles....there are some asteroids that are going to be passing really close to one will be around Sept 1st....not to mention the activity increasing on the storm seems there is a solar minimum or lockdown on the way and this and something else cruising thru the solar system is only going to increase the chances of these and it has nothing to do with "global warming" or the actions of man....:gig:lol:.....anyway, just in case the gooberment goes haywire and the "extremist" take over....we want to have a very small "social media footprint" and not have our opinions, thoughts, likes, or dislikes to be easily "searchable" and "filtered" is for this reason that this will more than likely be my last post here....there isn't any other reason, for I have no anamosity towards anybody and have enjoyed my 4yrs here and appreciate the support and encouragement from ALL of ya.....if some of those things are surprises to ya, I strongly encourage ya to check it out.....I will share with all Bible followers, that the "period of judgement" will not begin until After the "calling out" has occurred....Romans 8:22-23 states that ALL of Creation is waiting and groaning for this "event" to take place.....and Nothing seen today is in the "prophecies", it is in Ephesians 3:1-10 that this period of time that is covered in Paul's writings, from Romans to Philemon, was not Revealed to the sons of men...this references the, how do ya know for Sure that the "tribulation" hasn't started?....because, in Revelation 5:13 it states that every creature in Creation, no matter their "place" in Creation will hear the decree from, if ya haven't heard or seen it for yourself, then it hasn't happened.....:thumbsup.....yall take care and remember ya will be in our prayers....especially thru this time of uncertainty......:frow:frow:frow:thumbsup