coccidiosis in pigs- transfer to chickens?


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Aug 19, 2009
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Mount Airy, NC
Hi, I just got two little feeder pigs and one turned out to have coccidiosis. She is being treated, but I need to know about transference to poultry. I move my pigs around to root and fertilize parts of the orchard. Once they are parasite clear, and on fresh pasture, they should be ok since they wont be going back to where they were before.

I plan on fencing off the area where the sick pigs were to keep out the chickens and three guineas who free range. How long should I do this, and what do I need to look out for. My chickens are not vaccinated and I dont feed medicated feed. Is it true that the parasites are species specific? If not, how long do they persist in the soil? I have been looking for this info online and not having luck. Maybe I am not phrasing my search terms right.