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May 7, 2013
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So true! Cougars are in NE Texas.
Cougars are also in SE Texas. Personally saw one quite a few years ago. Not a fleeting glance either. It was crossing the road slowly after dark. I stopped - it stopped and we had a stare down for several minutes. I had a witness too, lol. That one is probably dead from old age, but others have seen the descendants along a bayou in the area.

I've also lost goats (pre LGD's) to a cat of some kind. Goat kid vanished out of the pasture. He was too big to go through the fence so something took him out over the fence. Later, had a doe killed less than 50 yards from the back door. "Something" came over the stock panel fence. This fence was taller than just stock panels - had 2 x 6's top and bottom. She was killed and eviscerated next to the fence. This may have been a bobcat because my guess is that a cougar would have been able to take her over the fence. Very clean kill too - unlike what I've seen from coyotes.

Big cats exist!