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May 23, 2018
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Foothills of NC
Sorry I haven't been on. It's been so crazy around here I've barely had time for a cup of coffee on the go. Biggest update is our middle child broke his arm. The little trooper had to have surgery and two pins put in. Of course this happens on his mom's week, not ours.... So I had to swoop in and be not only my husband's rock but hers as well. Her sorry excuse for a husband. Couldn't be bothered to keep our youngest, let alone be by her side for support. For a woman who feels threatened by me, she sure leaned on my shoulder (figuratively) a LOT. I'm just glad we could all be there for little dude. He was amazing throughout the whole ordeal. Apparently, some kid on the playground at school was jumping around and sat on his arm....? Two and two plus the different stories don't quite add up. This kid is a known bully and our guy is little. I mean, his 4 year old brother is almost as big as he is.....

Needless to say it's been hectic. And obviously this is the first time I've gotten to let it all out and breathe. Thanks for letting me ramble and rant! Missed y'all!

Did I miss anything interesting?


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Oct 6, 2018
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Hey folks, when BYC switches over to 'look but don't touch' for several days we're going to need a coffee stop. I've set up a big tent with coffee pots and hot water supply. It isn't fancy, but it will work for a few days. Always accessible, and milk is in the refrigerator. Throw your trash in the cans, tidy up, and first person here each morning please get things started. Stop in to say, "Good Morning".

Sour your temporary coffee man.


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Dec 31, 2014
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NE Texas
Greetings and welcome to BYH @DexterThompson from NE TX! So glad you joined us. I hope you'll consider taking a minute to visit the new member's thread and introduce yourself so folks can welcome you properly. There's a wealth of info, knowledge and experience shared in the multitude of threads. Browse around and see what interesting stuff you can find. By all means post away when the desire strikes you, especially if you have questions (provide as much detail/info as possible and pictures truly help)... With all the great folks here, generally someone will respond in no time at all. Please make yourself at home!

PLEASE put at least your general location in your profile. It could be very important if/when you ask for or offer help or advice. You know, climate issues and such. I recommend at least your state as most folks won't be able to figure out where if you put anything more specific (county, town, street, etc) by itself. Old folks like me will never remember & look there first. To add it, mouse hover over Account top right and a drop down will appear. Click on Personal Details and scan down. You'll see the spot for Location. Then go to the bottom and save changes. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the site!

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Sep 4, 2015
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S coastal VA
Soap Operas? -- Same story, different day. :D We all have them! Some just share more than others.

MH -- glad all went well for the little dude. Youngins heal quickly so he'll be good as new in "no time". And, yeah, how IS that new job working for you?

Sucked up coffee & courage this AM. Had to "get 'er done!"

Called butcher..can't do until Tues. Too long! I called the father of the young guy behind me, to get a number. Telling him what I needed, he says I'm here all weekend and can do it for you!!:clap Call me when ready & I'll come up. I knew he hunted & butchered them but, find out he does it for friends and smokes turkeys, sausage, etc. Has an entire processing set up at his home 40 miles away. At this point I'm feeling I hit the jackpot. He says, never done a goat -- I said, I've been told do it like a deer & I've never done either. We're good!! :cool: The take out was kind, swift and heartbreaking...but, I swallowed HARD, wiped my eyes and said, let's move on. So 10:30 ish done & on ice.

I am sad & glad, at same time. Sad this lovely girl is gone (& she caused it!!) but, glad it is "done" humanely & I did not have to do the deed.

Tried to give meat, eggs, chickens to butcher...nada. "Just pass it on" Glad I could help. :) (I have a lot of passing to do)

Now I hope to have good news the rest of the weekend!! Everyone have fun and enjoy yourselves. Thanks for letting me share my downers and glad we can all share good & bad with caring & support. It's a great "family'! THANKS.