Corn Cob Pipes


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Apr 24, 2015
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I finally was brave enough to attempt making a corn cob pipe today for my husband, and it was a very interesting project. I didn't research any how-tos, I just kind of went on a mental picture. I messed up the first one, but succeeded at the second one.

I first shucked all the corn off of my cob (saving them for seed next year). Then I cut the cob into four pieces, and separated one of the pieces to use. A smaller ear of corn you could probably cut in half, but this was a very large ear so I cut it into fourths. I drilled a hole almost all the way through the center of it, leaving the bottom still whole. Then I drilled a hole towards the bottom, on one of the sides, to connect the stem. For the stem/mouthpiece I went out and found a really tiny piece of a oak branch and drilled a small hole through it, then sanded it down. I tapped it into the hole on the side with a hammer (this is what broke the first one I made, because I did it too roughly and it cracked it).

I finally tested it out, with a bit of pipe tobacco my husband had, and it ACTUALLY WORKED! I was so surprised, as was he. It isn't pretty, but it works. Has anyone else here made a corn cob pipe, or even one from wood?