Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?


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Jun 7, 2016
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...that is not going to work in regards to school kids. That will be just chaos and eventually sick chaos. Wow. Bum covering with teachers and students on the chopping block. School is a petri dish. The kids and teachers don't stand a chance-at learning or not getting sick (or not getting socially stunted). I hope they change their minds. At least at home kids can have normal facial expressions and reasonable expectations for behavior.


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Mar 31, 2020
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Friday before Memorial Day. Everything is closed., except for those necessary stores like liquor and marijuana. Not allowed to pray in church, but I can get an abortion since that is considered necessary. Apparently, the only place you can catch Covid is in church since tons of people are willing to stand in line for hours to access the local Walmart!

Luckily, I don’t need a knee replacement any more thanks to 8040. :D =D My kneecap has remained back in place and my knee is bending properly again. I am carefully exercising the knee to encourage muscle strength to keep it there. And only public figures like mayors, senators, and such are allowed to get haircuts and mani-pedis. Luckily, my nail salon owners are tired of staying home. I was allowed to come to the shop. I remained in my car until the all clear was phoned to me. Then I hightailed it in wearing my disguise. Since I don’t own a burka, I had to make do with a head scarf wound around my face like a hajib. I wore my dark glasses. No police in sight although I had my cover story ready. If the police had tried to accost me, I would tell them my name was Ajibi Hamid, a faithful daughter of Allah and demand that they not touch me! My 2 friends (we have become friends and I had really missed seeing them and laughing with them) enjoyed my disguise and had a good laugh.

On the sad end of Covid, DD1 and her family have been attending a local karate dojo for about 12 years. They have a family membership. Many people belong with family memberships, and there are a lot of families. The dojo is very family oriented and they are all friends there. The sensei is a great guy. We have met him many times and he works with the kids and the families in a very wholesome way. He is going out of business due to not being able to open up again. He relies on his summer camp program to make ends meet in his business and he can’t hold it this year. So, good-bye to another small family owned business that was good for the community. Thank you, Governor Newsom. :(

On the other hand, DD1 and her husband have gone entirely off the deep end about this virus. DS2 thought we might go over this weekend and have a BBQ, just the family. Apparently, we are not welcome there. DH called ad asked that the grandchildren to come over to work for us (picking up the trash that seems to accumulate in our field, hay ropes, broken bits of pipe, old nails, bits of paper, etc. This stuff either blows in, is uncovered as the animals and rains wash layers of dirt away, or is brought up by the dogs from the old trash burning area in the gully from 75 years ago. The grandchildren are not allowed to go inside our house, they are not allowed to touch us, nor can we touch them. They have to remain 6’ away from us at all times. DD1 and SIL are positive that their children can get the disease from us because DS2 goes out to work, DS1 goes to the store for us, and we get deliveries. 😷

Our DIL posted the new requirements for school children when school reopens. Apparently, the persons determining these new requirements have never had to care for children, have no children, and possibly have never seen a child. :oops: These ruels are for all grades from preschool through high school.

All children over the age of 2 years must wear masks. (Yeah right! That teacher is going to spend all her/his time reattaching the child's mask. That is, if he/she can find where the child has hidden it!)

No one is to share toys. (Most small children don't want to share their toys, but isn't that what they are supposed to be learning in preschool and kindergarten?)

Each child must remain 6’ apart from any other child or the teacher. (How is that supposed to work I wonder? If the child falls down and gets a boo boo will they don a haz mat suit to staunch the blood and tears?)

The same teacher must remain with the children all day. (No lunch or potty breaks for the teacher I guess. Better learn to hold it - I can see the Worker's Comp cases starting for all the bladder and kidney infections coming now.)

No school lunches, and the cafeteria must remain closed. (Weren't we told that all those free lunches for underprivileged kids were necessary since they might be the only decent meal the children got that day? Were we lied to?!)

No free play in case the children get too close to each other (Recess is a thing of the past? Maybe they will goosestep the children around the playground and call it phys ed!)

Only 10 – 12 desks will be able to be fitted in classrooms to obey the new social distancing rules. (They don’t even have enough teachers now to limit class size to 30 students, let alone a class consisting of 10 students and a teacher that is dancing in place because she can't go to the potty after her morning coffee!)

DIL says she may have to home school her kids. As a former preschool teacher, the reason preschool was touted as being beneficial, and the reason for Head Start programs, was that children need to learn socialization skills early so they can learn how to communicate, share, and interact properly with others. These new school rules will raise a whole generation of antisocial psychopaths, with no idea of social behavior. There is a syndrome in infants called Failure to thrive that has been traced not receiving the human interaction they need to grow. Failure to Thrive results in a child that has no interest in eating, speaking, crawling, or having any communication with others. Children need interaction with other children in their age group as well as other children of other age groups and other adults besides their own parents.

I AM SOOOO TIRED OF THE PHRASE "THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL"! We need to use our common sense, go back to church, and let our grandchildren hug us again!
This craziness needs to stop! I'm with you! 💞


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Jun 3, 2018
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I had no intention of posting on this thread again. I think I've said my piece. However, since it has been brought up several times I'll try to clarify.

I vowed some years ago that I would never keep quiet when I am subjected to something that I perceive as so very wrong. The statement that I responded to was about (and I paraphrase) 'thinning out people that are useless and on the dole.' To my dying day I will never agree that there are useless people in this world. There are sick people, there are those in need of healing, love, help and understanding. There are NO useless people.

The statement was made: If you have ever had anyone murdered by some useless piece of scum, or had them injured or hurt in ways that there is no way to fix it, REGARDLESS if they are someone's brother, father, uncle or whatever... then yes, they deserve to be dead.

And this is exactly why I will always speak up. I lost my sister because no one spoke up when they saw wrongs being committed. But, the person who committed the wrong doing has rehabilitated themselves through great effort on his part. The hardest thing I've ever done in my life was to forgive that person. It didn't absolve him from responsibility, but it allowed me to be able to move on.

I regret that my response was hurtful to Farmer Jan. I don't think in any way that she is a terrible person. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares freely with people on the forum.

I'll end this (and any more responses on this thread) by repeating an oft used quote:
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

That is in no way directed toward any person - it is simply the way I choose to live my life.
Miss @frustratedearthmother,

I am so deeply touched by your story. Forgiving the man who killed your sister had to be hard. I don't know if I could have done that. That shows just what a wonderful person you are.

I understand why you might not want to post to this thread any more. I saw this on the Internet yesterday when I was doing research on Dr Dolores Cahill, who appeared in one of the videos posted on this thread. I will let it speak for itself:


I understand people's frustration with the lockdown. I am a bit frustrated as well, and I am retired and don't have to go to work! It is that much harder for folks who need to work to pay bills, which is the vast majority of people. But we as a society are faced with two choices, both of which are very bad: (1) continue to go on with life as it was before this virus hit, risking getting infected and possibly dying from it, as well as then helping to spread it to family members and others we meet, possibly having them get sick or die, or (2) shelter in place, and having to deal with no income, bills piling up, possibly losing their house, their car, and ending up on the street and STILL ending up getting exposed to the virus.

Some governors are taking the approach that the lesser of the two evils is keeping their states open and let nature take its course. Others are taking the approach that the lesser of the two evils is to have everyone shelter in place to reduce the spread of the disease but then suffering the economic fallout, such as the man above who lost his business. Both choices are bad.

But back to your post, Miss @frustratedearthmother, I bow to your commitment to your humanity. :bow

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