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Mar 28, 2014
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I am interested in getting a microscope and doing fecals for my small flocks of sheep (11) and goats (12). I have done some research of the process but when I look at the available microscopes I am overwhelmed by the many choices. They all seem about the same. I like the ones that can be viewed on my laptop. I have a Mac. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for any help you can give me!!! (Appreciation!)

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Jun 11, 2012
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These people have the best prices for scopes. You can also attach to your computer.

As far as the kit- IMO it is a complete waste... lots of stuff you don't need.
I like the slides and beakers from Chalix but not all slides fit under the scopes... they will but you may miss the last row... no biggy really.
I think you can order the slides separarte from maggiedans and beakers from Chalix... you can also make your own "beaker"

At the bottom of my page (from my website) there is a "walk through" and a slide show for everything.

as you can see ours is an OLD scope, used by our vet in med school so it is a very good scope just an antique now. But it is great! Haven't found anything I like better.:D

I DO NOT like the maggiedans directions as they missed an important step and they do a different ratio...I like the 26mi + 4 gram feces with a 25 multiplier to give the EPG count they use 28/2... with a 50 multiplier

As far as putting it own your computer... this is not always a great idea when you are learning... the eggs of certain parasites look very similar and size will be your clue... when you put it on the computer it will distort that. At the same time you can get a close up...
Digital microscopes I have found are terrible. Everyone that got one sold them and got a regular scope. You must have a mechanical stage. It needs to move L/R/U/D.

Any questions ask away.:)

Oh and yes I prefer the sugar solution as it is the best! Others can crush cysts/eggs to include Giardia.