Doe near due has cervical wall protruding from her vulva.


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Sep 5, 2019
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This will be our first kidding and our oldest doe in right in the due date window. I haven't seen this before on any forum so I wanted to ask and see if it was normal. Sometimes our doe will have her Nox Vidmate VLC vulva spread and it appears that the cervical wall is protruding outside. This has been going on for about a week, tonight it was the most pronounced. It did start outside the due date window so I don't exactly take it as a sign of labor. She is also HUGE compared to our other does so she might be carrying a good handful of kids. Maybe that extra pressure is causing this? It does return to normal/comes and goes. She is not exhibiting the other signs of labor that I have read about so I wanted to know what you all say?


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I had it done on a pygmy doe and I ended up snipping the sutures a day before her earliest due date and keeping her in a clean stall.
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