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Oct 10, 2021
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I have a set of 5 year old twin does. They are kept in a large pen and fed a diet primarily of hay.

One of them was found laying down unable to get up Thursday night. I am in extreme trouble financially, so I thought I would try some home remedies. It looked me like she was bloated so I gave her some baking soda. Later I gave her some vegetable oil and she had some good deep burps.

She can't even hold up her head, though she can turn it. She's laying on her side, and I'm turning her every two hours. When I turn her over I've been offering her baking soda and hay. I have some goat electrolytes that I've been mixing up and giving to her with a large turkey baster. I lean her up against me to get her upright for 10 to 15 minutes while I pat her to try and help her burp.

She has a good appetite. I'm going to a feed store tomorrow to get her some vitamin B and dewormer. The inside of her eyelid is pale pink. Is it all right to give her dewormer when she's so weak? Is there something I should try that I haven't tried?
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May 9, 2017
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Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
I started a thread on the Goat Spot and I'm getting some replies.
How is she now?

I would give her red cell for the anemia along with the vitamin B and probiotics.

I think the baking soda is a good idea, and it sounds like the vegetable oil helped.

What in the world do you think she got into?

I would NOT worm her until after she is up and moving.

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