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Mar 31, 2020
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Thanks.... I have chronicled the LOOOOONG BS with getting in the house, in my journal..... not all in yet, partly due to my wanting to try to get things put in place as I go rather than 9 million boxes to pack, piled up, then all to unpack. Plus with my knees I am not getting it done as fast as I want.... waited forever on the floors to get done.... BUT ..... I am moving stuff daily and had hoped to be done by Jan 1st. It will be more like the middle of January.... but I am making progress. DS had a pos test and was feeling "fluish" with headaches but coming back along now..... his gf had a very mild case of headaches and backaches..... and I have been juggling work inbetween.... It will be done soon. Challenges with needing a new heating system now.... but... I'll get it figured out.
Happy New Year too!!!!
Hi Jan! Things never get done as fast as we want them to! Putting things in place as you go is a very smart way to do it...otherwise it can be so very overwhelming! I hope you are all in this month. I'm glad your son and gf are getting better!

We just started a kitchen remodel and I know we won't be completely finished with it until at least February...we have to replace my kitchen window and that may not be ready until then. We are also helping our son move to Oklahoma...we will be on the road this Friday and won't be coming home until somewhere around the 15th! After we finish the kitchen we have 2 bathrooms to update and we are making a couple of changes in our bedroom to give more room to our master bath! Then, hopefully we are finished with remodeling and can do something fun!

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