Dying Goats - not sure what we're doing wrong


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Aug 6, 2011
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How did the 4th kid fare?

I would have suspected coccidia and/or worms in kids that young.

I agree that a childhood full of the love and responsibilities of animal friends are a wonderful thing to give your kids. Mine are better humans for it. More compassionate, more able to try to solve problems and their experiences in 4h have given them social skills that revolved around animals (a subject they know well and were comfortable talking about) that they are able to use in their daily interactions with people.

As a confirmed goat addict, I hope you and your family are able to ride this steep learning curve and stay (or get back into) goats! They are awesome and fun, and frustrating, and always worth the effort in the end.

It sounds like you hit the interwebs looking for info as soon as you felt like things were going haywire and you definitely tried your best. That is what counts!

I haven't been on much lately so not sure if we properly welcomed you elsewhere on here (I hope so), but welcome to BYH!