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Aug 1, 2011
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Rineyville, KY
That’s a sick baby! 😢 The breathing *could* be related to the bottle jaw, but I’d be worried about pneumonia.

Have you taken her temperature? Keep in mind that they can also have pneumonia and NOT get a fever.

If you have a vet, it might be wise to have them take a look.

If you don’t, I’d recommend giving antibiotics. LA-200 or 300, but Nuflor (only available from the vet) is the most effective.

I’d also keep her off pasture with some nice hay for a while longer. The bottle jaw will come and go for a while regardless of her worm load. It’s a symptom of the anemia.

These days, valbazen needs to be given at 2-3x the recommended dose and should also be given 3 days in a row. It’s very safe and difficult to overdose.

One thing I’ve found over the years is if a lamb’s protein intake is adequate, they are much less susceptible to worm over-load. I rotate my lambs around on different pastures and mow the grass after they’ve grazed it. I also feed pellets that contain a coccidiastat so I have a lower incidence of coccidia as well.

Besides the grain (16% protein), I also have loose minerals out free choice and a protein tub made by Kalmbach.

Hopefully your baby recovers nicely, but she’s going to need some extra TLC for a while. Let us know how she does!