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Sep 14, 2016
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Wstrn Cent Florida
I knew ya could do it!!!.... :thumbsup
So, so HAPPY for ya and Glad too!!....surely do remember the feelin and such a load off the mind and shoulders...:weee:weee:weee:love:love:love:celebrate:celebrate:clap:clap:clap:clap:ya:ya:bunny:bunny:jumpy:jumpy.....i know the process leaves ya feelin' "violated", but it is YOURS and there is nobody to answer long as ya pay the note and taxes....really PROUD for and of ya for hanging in there and remaining Cool...well, as much as ya could stand....but, with all ya have going on in many directions as distractions...ya really hung in there and are a real CHAMP!!! ya can progress towards your heart's, myself, would get in it as soon as possible and release all your frustration on that landlord from HELP and put that situation in the rearview asap....again we are really HAPPY for ya!!!....:thumbsup


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Aug 16, 2016
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Thank you everyone.... for the congrats, and for listening to my trials and tribulations.....

I wound up paying more in the closing costs than I had anticipated... but at that point I was just saying to myself,,,, get it done. So I don't have the 2 month payment cushion in the bank there, but the payments don't start til Oct instead of mid Sept.... so I am fine..... and I did find out that they give you 15 day grace.... instead of the 5 or 10, I was expecting. So I will be able to wiggle a little if say my paycheck gets deposited on the 3rd or 5th something....not planning to make it a habit of being late, but nice to have that leeway....

Once all the paperwork "processes" and I get the "official" mortgage papers in the mail, they said they will also get me set up online so I can pay it that way... or on automatic payment if I want. Also asked about rules and regs about paying down extra on the principal (le?) and basically there aren't any like a minimum of 500 at a time or anything. Just that I will have to designate it as principal reduction payment. Worry about that in a couple of months... I don't plan to do that before the first of the year as I want to pay for things like the bathroom, and have money sitting in the account for the upstairs ceilings tearing down and t&g beaded boards put up. I am looking through some of the "multitude of gadget catalogs" that come in the mail.... looking for a "cheap type temp closet" for storage of say "winter clothes.... that I can use for temporary until I decide to or not to do something more permanent. I had a wardrobe that I let my son have when he moved into his house... he uses it for his coats and other stuff right behind his back door. Don't guess I should be mean and take it back.. I will spend some time in some antiques shops and maybe find one sometime.... I wasn't looking for the last one but got it fairly cheap. See them occasionally at an auction.

So after the closing, I called the elec company. Explained that I had just bought the house, that the electric was on in the previous owners, that I wanted to get it changed over and did they need to get verification from them or what was the procedure.... So they said that they could do it, that there wasn't going to be a meter taken out of put in, and that they needed to charge me a deposit until they get a letter from my previous elec company about my credit worthiness.... Since I am not going to do anything about switching this back to the owner until I am pretty sure of my departure date, I am not going to worry about it yet. It's payable in 3 installments so not that big of a deal since the the elec will be minimal for the next month or 2 anyway. I had pretty much budgeted for a deposit so not a surprise. I'll get it done after I get off this elec here. So it was supposed to be changed over today 8-14-20. Then I got the internet dept., and the girl was very nice, I explained what I wanted and that they had run the wire just last year and that it was pretty close. She said someone would have to come out and look, then they would call and make arrangements to get it put in. Okay, I figured a couple weeks....
They came out TODAY to look at where the wire was, marked where they would run it to the house.... WOW. Don't know how ling it will take them to call and all to come do it... but that was like instantaneous!!!!

Called a guy recommended to me to do handyman type stuff.... cutting some of the scrub trees and a limb off the maple that hangs way down, so you can mow under it.... power washing the house, vacuuming and cleaning the ceilings that I can barely reach with the knees hurting so much standing is a bitch; sanding the floor and finishing.... building new doors for the small storage building there... it's not in the greatest shape, but will do for a storage for the lawn mower and such but the doors are falling off the hinges. Just want something simple, treated plywood or whatever would be less expensive. There are bad spots along the base... I think they didn't set it up very high on blocks or anything so the siding is rotting off the bottom along the ground.... Roof is good and it has electric, so ought to be okay for a bit. No it isn't good enough to put my freezers out in, nor very big, but will keep my tires and vehicle stuff like oil etc., and the mower,. Carport has sides but neither front or back so won't keep weather off stuff, so don't want to put the mower in there if I can use the other.
Haven't heard back from him yet.
Also called a company that specializes in "cleaning" .... move in - move out type stuff... does everything, and they want to come and give me a price. Set that up for Wednesday. Can't hurt. Windows,power washing, cleaning inside, ceilings, wipe down all the kitchen cabinets inside and out, baseboards.... vaccuuming....can do carpet cleaning. Not the floor sanding.....
Have considered about the cleaning... and if they do all that, windows that I will have to climb on counters or a ladder for to do the top halves.... figured it would be worth seeing what they have to say. It might take me a couple weeks to do it all, and I am determined to not move stuff into a room then have to move it again to clean around it....this might be worth having it done and in a day or 2 I can start putting stuff in kitchen cabinets and such... We'll see, gotta get a price.
I am really not lazy, and will do what I have to. But I am just at the point that I want to get in there.... MIGHT save me a months rent if I can really get going on it.... so that would pay for alot. And to not hurt doing it.....

The co-op does not do furnaces, so have to find someone else to come look at it and all. But they will supply the oil for it, and the propane for the stove in the kitchen and the little gas heater in the LR. .... and there is one other place I want to call about the propane too. .
Glen is going to get with my son to get my stove out of the storage trailer there on his property, so that it can go on one of glens' trips to PA to the place that he can get it redone... orafices or whatever done. I figured that if glen calls him, then he is more likely to get up there and get into the trailer and they can manhandle it to get it out; being guys and all....I wouldn't be much help anyway.

The bathroom is next to worry about... but glen is pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. I can use the sink and the toilet, just not the tub/shower. Boy a 2nd bathroom is really looking good.....

Got a surprise when I went to the dumpster with a bag of trash.... 2 boxes of canning jars set out next to the bins.... 1 doz w m pints and 1 doz w m qts. The boxes got rained on and are falling apart but I think they are full. I naturally picked them up.... set them in the carport next to 2 bigger boxes of jars the owners left... probably 3-4 dozen in them.... no lids but that is okay....

GOT MY CLOTHESLINES UP...!!!!! T poles are set for 3 lines, but I strung an extra line inbetween 2.... can put things like underwear and smaller or lighter stuff on that line if I get short of space.... As soon as possible I am going to get the washer moved so that I can do some of the clothes while I am up there and then take them down when I go back to do the cow.
Realized that I will be saving at least 1 hr a day plus; just driving back and forth for them..... 15-20 min up the hill, same back to house.... twice a day. Of course many times I have been coming or going home from work or something.... but I am at least saving 1 trip up and one back.... with being less than 5 min and maybe 1/2 mile to the gate instead of 5 miles....

Got a list of things to do... get the stuff that the mail brings to the house changed to that address. I will stop by the P.O. and tell my friend the post"mistress" there.... I still get most of my stuff at the same P.O. Box that I have had for 35 yrs.... makes it easy to not have to change addresses when you move. But some of the magazines have been coming to the house.... stuff like that. The two different addresses come out of different areas....
I don't know if there is a mailbox up there.... if not will have to put one up. I am still keeping my P O Box since it is actually in the other county.... so personal property taxes are less in that county if I use it as my mailing address... Of course everything I own is "aged out" now as far as taxes go.....
Get my UPS changed for the sample bottles.... it will be an easier in and out for the UPS guy and leaving them on a porch he doesn't have to walk up rickety stairs for anymore....or even leave them in the shed there so they are out of the weather....or I can just move them over there for storage so I have enough for anticipated testing... usually keep about 3 bundles of 4 boxes which is 60/box = 240 bottles per bundle. I use 10 boxes for the 500+ cow herd.... So I keep 3-4 bundles ahead....they automatically send 2 bundles once a week. I have cancelled the last 3 weeks as I had so many from all the farms that didn't test in July.... trying to have fewer to move too.....

Took the paint samples up, and the roller pans and paint brushes.... spent like only $15 for all of the "equipment".... even drop cloths so I don't get paint on the carpet... thinking that if it is really wet tomorrow, I may just get the "samples of paint, painted on the walls to see which colors I like better. Then I can just paint over the "test" colors when the time comes... that lavender has got to go.... it is just too much.... almost purple...

Went to go to the plumbing store to ask about the covers on the baseboard heat... and the showroom is closed. So they are no help. Could call but I want to be able to "look" at the stuff....Guess I will see about getting them painted for now.... maybe sand blast the ones that are a little rusted in spots? Will probably paint them/wood grain them, to match the baseboards around the bottom of the walls so they don't stick out so much.... white tends to show every little mark anyway.... Have to take the ones in the LR off so they can get as close as possible with sanding the floor.....

If I get the built in china cabinet cleaned out, I can start moving my huge collection of Liberty Blue dishes..... Kinda ironic that this place has a built in cabinet just like the one that is here at this house.... built WAY WAY back here (stone part was built 1750's) the house I bought was built in 1920 so 100 years old.... but very similar built in china cabinets.

Not sure where I am going to put my sewing table and all.... the LR here is more rectangular and it is in the corner at one end... there the LR is square.... got a desk and stuff like that..... no room for a table and chairs in the new kitchen, so the DR will have to be more DR than den like the one here that I use more like a den/family room. Actually the downstairs room that is the bedroom should be the LR and then the LR would be the family room/den type of thing.... Got to sit and look at it all some more.....

Did PT today and was sore... but we both agreed that it is helping so am going to do another 5-6 weeks.... 1-2 times a week.... right knee is straighter than when we started...had a 17-20% bend and he said that he can see a difference.... and that the hamstrings are more flexible and that I don't cringe so much when he really "digs into them" so that is progress. The more I get, the better the results from any replacement. Did the vibrating massager too and it does help... works for me....
Okay, enough rambling. Got to get a shower, get some sleep. Got up and went and bred the neighbors cow this morning before going to PT.... sure hope she settles.