Feeding bees question; yeast issues?


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Aug 26, 2020
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So...I was watching a Youtube Bob Binnie video on feeding. The video was titled 'feeding bees - who, what, why, when' etc if you need or want to reference it yourselves.

Anyway when i was watching this video he starts talking about yeast growing in the sugar syrup feeding containers being possible after 4 or 5 days.

I was so surprised because when I watch beekeeping videos nobody else had ever mentioned yeast problems growing in with the sugar syrup that's fed to them.

So is yeast really a thing? And is it still a thing if you put small amounts of vinegar in with it? (With fondant winter feed, they purposely put some vinegar in it.)

I hadn't even known yeast could be an issue with bees.

What do you think on this? And does it happen a lot? (And does this influence the mite counts also regarding the yeast?)

How do you avoid yeast problems, and how common is it?

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