First time breeding questions


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Oct 22, 2018
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East Texas
Hello, we live in E TX, and are about to breed our two Nubian does for their, and our first time. We are taking them to a local stud, where they will stay until they come into heat and are bred(we’ve tried watching for their cycles but haven’t had much luck, so we did look into cyders, but decided to just try live breeding this time).
They are on chopped alfalfa, oats, BOSS, and vitamin/mineral mix with access to coastal Bermuda hay, and we supplement with flaxseeds and or ricebran as needed(side note- we heard of feeding them soaked beet pulp in winter, does anyone do that? What does everyone feed? Is our feed okay?).

Is this does inner front hooves fixable? How can I be trimming it in a way that helps rather than hindered? It’s been this way since she was young, although she placed Grand Champion at our last show, so I don’t feel like it’s really a conformational concern.
[pre trim]

[post trim]

[bottom of hoof pre trim](forgot to take post trim bottom of hoof picture😬 but pretty much the whole inner hoof curves inwards severely)

(the dog and the clippers were being supervised😉)

Also looking for any tips, suggestions, and advice for the breeding, pregnancy(what’s this called for goats?), and kidding stages.
They currently live with chickens, so coccidia and parasites are a huge concern of mine. Our next project that will happen within the next few weeks is to separate the chickens and goats yards and barns so the goats yard can become chicken-poop-free, and we will clean their barn out and lay new bedding so everything is as fresh as possible for their pregnancies and kidding. So we will be lessening the kids exposure to the bad stuff, but it certainly will still be there, so what do we need to prepare for prevention and treatment(medicine wise)?
We famacha check the does, and deworm them as necessary.

Thank you in advance!!!