Fodder sprouts and ducks?


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Aug 26, 2020
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So I have some questions about fodder sprouts that I'd been researching the usage for with ducks.

To be clear, I have been using fodder sprouts for duck feed for the last ... 8 months (with a 1 month break in the middle of that when I was upgrading my system). It does seem like this is a great way to feed them and cut costs, but also increase the food diversity when used with other grains. I haven't been using 100% only fodder sprouts, but more like a hybrid of grains and fodder sprouts together.

I hope to research in coming months to see how closely I can increase the fodder percentage and try to spot at what point the egg production becomes effected, and also watch what the limit of the % of BOSS fodder should be with ducks.

But there are other questions to. I wanted to put some here.

#1; If I'm raising chickens and ducks on fodder sprouts then does this mean that if I turn them lose in the garden they would probably ending up destroying the garden plants, because of being adjusted to the boss sprouts?

#2; On a side note...when I see videos on youtube of Thai duck farmers that do rice paddy cleaning, its hard to know if that will work with all ducks, or only with ducks that have strong forage instincts. What do you think about this?