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May 6, 2017
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Hamilton County, north of Indianapolis
I guess that is what it is called. The term for the breed is Chinese Cresteds though. I don't know why. The gander we had was extremely aggressive. Are your brown ones aggressive?
The lady I got them from raised them like pets. She said they loved to eat dog kibble from her hand. I tried it once, and one female got brave enough to come up and eat out of my hand. She also said the gander would always follow her around and goose her on the butt. (Is that where that term came from?😂) She made it sound like that was a friendly behavior, but I will not be encouraging that.

My gander has not been mean. I did have an issue with him protecting his two ladies when spring came and they started laying. I did not back down from his charges. Instead, I charged him back and gave him a few rolling lessons with my foot. Now when he “protects “ his flock, it is a token effort. So I would say he is mildly aggressive, but with restraint. To be fair, right now he and his two ladies are raising 10 ducklings, so I’m glad that he is protective. I expect that once they are done raising their babies, he will go back to the gentler personality he had when I bought them in January. But then, that could have just been because he was new here and hadn’t established it as his territory yet.