Goat Buck’s beard chopped?


Ridin' The Range
Nov 2, 2021
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Any idea what kind of predator could possibly chop through a mature goat buck’s beard? Something happened about two nights ago, the livestock guardian dog has been upset, the buck is missing a very long thick beard, it looks chopped off, he has a small bald spot on his side where the hair looks like it was pulled out. Our dog was not in the same pasture that night, but keeps whining and taking us back to the same corner of the pasture. We can’t find anything. The buck is otherwise fine, so is the younger buck living with him. Just extremely odd and we’re concerned that we can’t figure out what would have happened. Any thoughts?
We have searched their pastures carefully and found no signs of a predator, none of the missing hair, fence is in good shape (half of it is new), no sharp objects. It’s been raining all day for three days, not nice weather for any animals or people to be out in. We have not been having any kind of predator issues.