goat with the runs, found the culprit!!


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Jun 10, 2009
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Mt Ulla, NC
helmstead said:
mully said:
Coccidia treatment is best done alone and not with one of the broad spectrum worm meds. that claim to be all inclusive.
Huh?? Cocci is not a worm. You can deworm safely while treating for cocci. Matter of fact - Panacur/Safe Guard, tho practically useless for deworming, is highly effective as an antiprotozoal (cocci are protozoans)...so using it in conjuction with coccidia treatments is beneficial.

And I also have had no ill effect from using 40% Dimethox - on three week old kids. I don't know where you are getting that one either.
We all have our own way of treating animals. I have a neighbor that uses lye to deworm his pigs ...he says it is an old country method. Over medicating will work but why use more than required. BTW I never said Cocci was a worm and i have used deworming meds in conjunction with Dimethox but this person said she had already dewormed her animals. As far as ill effect from 40% Dimethox the recommended dosage is 1ml per 16 lbs body weight and is usually used for cattle ...that is where i am getting that one.


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May 20, 2009
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Lincoln, Illinois
yes, we dewormed everyone, we have the latest wormer from the vet, who lives 10 minutes away. we will separate the 2 little ones from the herd and start giving back the grain slowly. I think DH just goes out and started giving them grain before we weaned them, and they haven't even cried. the momma's are glad to be free and they still sleep together side by side, along the fence and gate. they act like they are still together.
these little boys are the smallest of the goats, the mommy is my tinkerbell and she is very small for a saanen/boer cross. her sisters are twice her size. her babies are very small, but come running when I go outside. I am glad the poopy butt has cleared up. the vet is still checking them out though, to be on the safe side.