GRRRRRR!!! Just a grumble!


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Mar 22, 2011
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When people ask for advice (animal related and/or animal emergency treatment info) and based on the facts that are provided, some knowledgeable advice with experience behind it is offered --they reallllllllllly should not become nasty and put you down because of advice/treatment recommendations you offer! Don't ask for advice then! Figure it out like the rest of us have! Stuff like that really just "gets my goat"!! :barnie Some of us really have been through the ringer (me recently with events and trauma I never in a million years thought I would face on my happy little homestead) and really have learned a lot and feel comfortable offering a "what works" perspective. I know my recent dog attack horror has made me a much more confident injury/trauma/emergency/wound treatment/care provider!!!!!!

Sorry for the vent! o_O


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Jul 3, 2008
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Understand where you are coming from. But I'll give you an insight from a long term moderator.
We often see when a person is faced with a sick animal or emergency situation people often Skim the material rather than really reading it and respond from an emotional or reactionary perspective rather than looking at the posts with the thought that people post WHAT HAS WORKED FOR THEM.

Not saying it is right, but I do know it is very common. We always ask that if people see responses that are rude, inflamatory or just plain nasty to not respond, HIT THE REPORT BUTTON, and let us handle it.

The other side of this is the mine is the right way and the only way response that borders being rude. Once again. REPORT is your friend here.

People on this forum come from many different backgrounds and have many insights into care that differ. So if one asks a question they NEED to be prepared for MANY DIFFERENT APPROACHES and PERSPECTIVES on a problem. Not just what they may be comfortable or willing to hear.