Hay and Grain: Opinions Needed!


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May 9, 2017
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Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
I'm glad I read this. I have been feeding my nubian cross and pygmy angora cross grain every day. They don't like to eat the grasses and weeds that are in their yard. So I have been giving 2 cups of grain daily plus cutting weeds or giving hay daily. I'm new to the goat world. I bought them both in April. I don't have any experience with them. They were both wormed when I bought them but I don't know what a CDT shot is. Can you inform me?
The CDT is for enterotoxemia and tetanus.

If they have limited forage then you might want to see if you have a goat pellet at your feed store that will work. Pellets are convenient. Pellets will work like the grain, in that they tend to be tempting, and they are easy to handle and use for training... but since they are formulated to be a complete nutrition, they won't be too rich for them. (If they have the kind that fits your needs.... so a milk goat pellet is not a good choice for a dry doe)

A good hay feeder, and having hay out 24/7 is also a good choice, especially with limited browse.