Hello, everyone. I am in trouble again.


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Dec 17, 2019
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My Peanut lost all of her triplets. She is now having trouble herself. She is slow, losing weight, stumbling once in a while. She fell over a tree root today and could not raise herself up. I rolled her over and held her until she could get up. Yesterday, I have her 1 ml high level vit b complex, probiotics, and some Jumpstart plus. Today I gave her 2 ml b complex and some Jumpstart plus. I have no vet close that does goats. They don't even carry thiamine. Don't do housecalls unless you have lots of cattle and money. I have to try to get supplies through the mail. Most I can't get due to no rx. I don't want to lose her. Last February she went blind for 1 week. I babied her for 2 weeks until she recovered. She gave birth Oct 23. And lost her first triplet at 2 weeks, her second at 2 months and the last at 2 1/2 months. She did not have an problems until the last week. Just been getting slower.
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Im sorry about the triplets... That feels so devastating... I know how difficult to raise goats or any other animal in that matter. we need to take care of our animals more... Good luck the next time.